CA-RIO-CA Swimwear

Sunga (soong-a)

Is the Brazilian word for men's swimwear.

Sungas are made from heavier nylon and are cut to form a nearly horizontal ban across the body.


CA-RIO-CA WEAR Swimwear is a journey and a lifestyle. It is a celebration of the soul and spirit that is Brasil- its people, its beaches its never ending thirst for life. The far more flattering Brazilian style of men's swimwear is several inches wider at the sides and often made with double or triple ply nylon for that, ahem, padded look, is looser fitting and also slightly scrunchy.


CA-RIO-CA WEAR Swimwear is a brand new line up of cool and stylish swimwear that is designed by Brazilians. Swimwear that gives you style of Rio de Janeiro native, like a carioca from Ipanema Beach.


Each piece of CA-RIO-CA WEAR swimwear is exclusively made in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil for you to experience what it means and feels to be Brazilian.