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About Us

Why 10 stores under 1 roof!  "Home of the Hottest Men's Underwear Brands Online"... Activewear, swimwear, loungewear, and erotic wear too! Your one stop shop for "sexy, provocative, fashionable and fun underwear for men".  Our hope is to make your online shopping experience pleasurable and pleasant by offering you full collections of men's fashion underwear by who we truly believe are the best and foremost men's underwear designers.
Welcome to! Come on in, take a look, and see the best that men's fashion underwear has to offer. Designed by designers that are truly passionate about fashion, design and comfort in all their styles.
Have fun shopping! The Whitey Tightie Boys
We started our online store in 2007. We really, really like men's underwear and swimwear. We would shop online and see that there were a lot of men's underwear/swimwear stores. Some had a lot of different vendors, but only carried a few styles of what the vendors offered. The other option was to shop the different vendor websites individually, but then we would have a lot of shipping charges. That's when it came to us! Why not have a website, that was like a mall and had all the best boutique men's underwear, swimwear, and activewear under one "roof. And so was born. We carry the full in season assortment of 10 vendor websites on our website. No need to bounce around from website to website to find what you want. As mentioned earlier, we believe that we have curated the best of the best in design, quality, and fit from vendors that are truly passionate about what they make. We think you will  feel the same.
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