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  • Baskit Bask Boxer Brief Long Baskit Bask Boxer Brief Great Fit Baskit Bask Boxer Brief Great Support Baskit Bask Boxer Brief Roomy Pouch Baskit Bask Boxer Brief  Contrast Trim

    Baskit Bask Boxer Brief

    Bask in the glory of you in the Baskit Bask Boxer Brief. More coverage than a brief or trunk and more support than a boxer - it's the best of both worlds for the man who wants everything. Designed to stand out - the choice is yours - be perfect in pink,...

  • Baskit Bask Brief Low Rise Baskit Bask Brief Cool Baskit Bask Brief Roomy Contour Pouch Baskit Bask Brief Great Fit Baskit Bask Brief Snug

    Baskit Bask Brief

    You can still make a bright statement in a classic brief when you go with the Baskit Bask Brief. Express your boldness with Bold Blue, or declare your perfection with Perfect Pink. Not feeling bold or perfect? You can always get real with Real Red...

  • Baskit Bask JockBrief  Sexy Baskit Bask JockBrief Great Fit Baskit Bask JockBrief Contrast Trim Baskit Bask JockBrief Roomy Contiur Pouch Baskit Bask JockBrief  Logo Awistband

    Baskit Bask JockBrief

     When you're feeling bold and want more freedom to really be yourself, we recommend the Baskit Bask Jockbrief. The full support of a brief with more coverage than a jock - but not much more - it's the perfect way to be bold in blue, get real in red...

  • Baskit Bask Low Rise Trunk Cut Short Baskit Bask Low Rise Trunk Snug Fit Baskit Bask Low Rise Trunk Fun Baskit Bask Low Rise Trunk Roomy Pouch Baskit Bask Low Rise Trunk Contrast Trim

    Baskit Bask Low Rise Trunk

    The Baskit Bask Low-Rise Trunk hits you right in the perfect spot on the thigh for enough coverage where you need it and a little more support to keep everything in place. It's easy to bask in the glory of your own personal style when you know everything...

4 of 4 Items