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Baskit Jocks - If you are looking for really cool men's underwear take a look at men's jockstraps by Baskit Underwear. Who says jockstraps are just for the gym? They come in a great variety of colors and color combinations. Go ahead, pick up a couple and wear 'em outta the gym under your favorite pair of jeans or shorts.

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  • Baskit Utility Fly Front Sport Jock Baskit Utility Fly Front Sport Jock Horizontal Fly Baskit Utility Fly Front Sport Jock Sexy Baskit Utility Fly Front Sport Jock Roomy Pouch Baskit Utility Fly Front Sport Jock Logo Waistband

    Baskit Utility Fly Front Jock

      The Utility Sport Jock lives up to the collection's signature calling card. That's right, a sport jock with a functioning fly-front pouch. No more tugging a tight jock down and maneuvering above the waistband - or out the side. The unique Baskit...

  • Baskit Luxe Jock Fun! Baskit Luxe Jock Roomy Contour Pouch Baskit Luxe Jock Contrast Trim Baskit Luxe Jock Comfy Baskit Luxe Jock Cool

    Baskit (De) Luxe Jock

    The Baskit (De) Luxe Collection is made with 95% Modal Cotton, making it extraordinarily soft to the touch, and 5% Spandex which ensures that the Luxe will fit your form like a glove, no matter how often you wear them and we’re betting that will...

  • Baskit Light Jock Unique Cut Baskit Light Jock  Logo Waistband Baskit Light Jock Sexy Baskit Light Jock Hot Baskit Light Jock Enhances

    Baskit Light Jock

      The Baskit Light Jock Athletic Supporter all the style and quality of the Baskit Jock but now in a lighter, less filling fabric. Made from 100% cotton jersey with superb quality and comfortable elastic leg straps. Finished off with a rich...

3 of 3 Items