Baskit Underwear and Swimwear, The Simple Truth... If you want plain, white men's underwear that you can buy in a convenient 5-pack for under $10 /baskit/ is not for you. At /baskit/ they insist on few simple things in everything they make. Quality. Design. Style. They strive to provide a hip, comfortable alternative for modern men who want underwear that fits their lifestyles & and their bodies. They make gear that fits well and has a bit of style so it is pleasing to both body and eye. They make great designer boxer briefs, trunk boxer briefs, briefs, bikinis, jockstraps, t shirts and tank tops. At /baskit/ they always sweat the small stuff. Their fussy designers allow only the highest-quality materials and construction. We could go on and on about the dual-process top stitching, the 1x1 rib on the trim and lots of other details, but you have better stuff to do. let them worry about that. All you need to do is put 'em on, pull 'em up and go about your business. They'll do the rest. Some people say they're obsessed. They can live with that.