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Baskit Briefs, Baskit Underwear men's brief underwear, Baskit Underwear low rise briefs, Baskit Underwear bikini briefs- If you are looking for really cool men's brief underwear take a look at men's briefs by Baskit Underwear. They come in a multitude of colors and prints all in their signature low rise brief cut. The men's brief by Baskit Underwear has a low rise waist, full seat and a nice roomy pouch. The cut is perfect! We have all of their collections for your shopping pleasure.

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  • Baskit Luxe Brief HOT! Baskit Luxe Brief Great Fit Baskit Luxe Brief Roomy Contour Pouch Baskit Luxe Brief  Comfy Baskit Luxe Brief Cool

    Baskit (De) Luxe Brief

    The Baskit Luxe Brief is a men's low rise brief made with 95% Modal Cotton, making it extraordinarily soft to the touch, and 5% Spandex which ensures that the Luxe Brief will fit your form like a glove, no matter how often you wear them and we’re...

  • Baskit Luxe JockBrief SEXY! Baskit Luxe JockBrief Roomy Contour Pouch Baskit Luxe JockBrief Cool Baskit Luxe JockBrief Comfy Baskit Luxe JockBrief Great Fit

    Baskit (De) Luxe Jock Brief

     The Baskit (De) Luxe Jock Brief is made with 95% Modal Cotton, making it extraordinarily soft to the touch, and 5% Spandex which ensures that the Luxe will fit your form like a glove, no matter how often you wear them and we’re betting that...

  • Baskit Active Brief Cool Baskit Active Brief Low Rise Baskit Active Brief Sexy Baskit Active Brief ContrastTrim Baskit Active Brief Great Fit

    Baskit Active Brief

    Inspired by the classic shorts worn by boxers duking it out in the ring…. the Baskit Active Brief. This low rise brief is perfect for any activity you can throw at it. The front pouch is roomy and comfortable and the back covers your best assets...

  • Baskit Active JockBrief  Sexy Baskit Active JockBrief Cool Baskit Active JockBrief Provocative Baskit Active JockBrief Fun Baskit Active JockBrief Comfortable

    Baskit Active JockBrief

     Inspired by the classic shorts worn by boxers duking it out in the ring…. the Baskit Active JockBrief. This cross between a jock and a brief is perfect for any activity you can throw at it. The front pouch is roomy and comfortable and the...

  • Baskit Bask Brief Low Rise Baskit Bask Brief Cool Baskit Bask Brief Roomy Contour Pouch Baskit Bask Brief Great Fit Baskit Bask Brief Snug

    Baskit Bask Brief

    You can still make a bright statement in a classic brief when you go with the Baskit Bask Brief. Express your boldness with Bold Blue, or declare your perfection with Perfect Pink. Not feeling bold or perfect? You can always get real with Real Red...

  • Baskit Bask JockBrief  Sexy Baskit Bask JockBrief Great Fit Baskit Bask JockBrief Contrast Trim Baskit Bask JockBrief Roomy Contiur Pouch Baskit Bask JockBrief  Logo Awistband

    Baskit Bask JockBrief

     When you're feeling bold and want more freedom to really be yourself, we recommend the Baskit Bask Jockbrief. The full support of a brief with more coverage than a jock - but not much more - it's the perfect way to be bold in blue, get real in red...

  • Baskit Billy Boy Brief  Low Rise Baskit Billy Boy Brief Roomy Pouch Baskit Billy Boy Brief  Fun Baskit Billy Boy Brief  Great Fit Baskit Billy Boy Brief Condom Pocket

    Baskit Billy Boy Brief w/Condom in Pocket

    Back by popular demand… Baskit's famous condom pocket collection. Baskit first introduced a condom pocket in their underwear in 2000 and it was a brand-favorite. This time they have teamed up with Billy Boy, Germany’s No1. condom brand...

  • Baskit Body Art Brief HOT Baskit Body Art Brief Sexy Baskit Body Art Brief Roomy Contour Pouch Baskit Body Art Brief Branded Waistband Baskit Body Art Brief Great Fit

    Baskit Body Art Brief

    Body Art Brief inspired by an actual tattoo of an MMA fighter turned fitness guru who transformed his personal tragedies into triumphs. Now he views his ink as a work in progress, highlighting the ebb and flow of his. This low rise brief has a roomy...

  • Baskit Underwear Just /b/ Brief Baskit Underwear Just /b/ Brief Low Rise Brief Baskit Underwear Just /b/ Brief Contrast Trim Baskit Underwear Just /b/ Brief Great Fit Baskit Underwear Just /b/  Brief Snug

    Baskit Just /b/ Low Rise Brief

    Be first. Be ready. Be amazing. You have to be a lot of things in this world if you want to get anywhere and let’s be honest, ‘amazing’ takes a lot of effort. Sometimes, you just want to…"Be". You want to sit back, relax and take...

  • Baskit Light Brief Sexy Baskit Light Brief Comfy Baskit Light Brief Soft Baskit Light Brief Fun Baskit Light Brief

    Baskit Light Brief

    The Baskit Light Brief has all the style and quality of Baskit Underwear's regular briefs but in a lighter less filling fabric. Made from a cotton/elastane blend and finished off with a rich waistband and a textured bump line that keeps its shape wash...

  • Baskit Ribbed Brief Low Rise Baskit Ribbed Brief Full Seat Baskit Ribbed Brief 100% Cotton Baskit Ribbed Brief Great Fit Baskit Ribbed Brief Roomy Pouch

    Baskit Ribbed Brief

    Baskit Briefs are known for their amazing pouch fit and a great low profile on your waist, drawing attention to your best assets without sacrificing comfort. The Baskit Ribbed Brief has great style with wide ribbed fabric design and superior support...

  • Baskit Ribbed JockBrief Cool and Comfortable Baskit Ribbed JockBrief Roomy Pouch Baskit Ribbed JockBrief Original Design Baskit Ribbed JockBrief Soft Ribbed Fabric Baskit Ribbed JockBrief 50% Brief

    Baskit Ribbed JockBrief

     50% Jock, 50% Brief, 100% Original.  The Baskit JockBrief is the original, try it in a comfortable cotton ribbed fabric. The Ribbed Collection provides great style with Baskit's wide ribbed fabric design and superior support while...

  • Baskit Urban Brief Comfy Baskit Urban Brief Form Fitting Pouch Baskit Urban Brief Great Fit Baskit Urban Brief Soft Baskit Urban Brief Comfy

    Baskit Urban Brief

    The Baskit Urban Brief, like the rest of the Urban Collection is made with some of the finest fabric you've never felt... well, unless you already own a pair. This brief provides just the right amount of coverage on your upper thigh with a...

  • Baskit Utility Brief  Horizontal Fly Baskit Utility Brief Full Seat Baskit Utility Brief Comfy Baskit Utility Brief  Logo Waistband Baskit Utility Brief Contrast Trim

    Baskit Utility Brief

    It seems like most of the time you have to choose a brief that is functional and boring, or one that is stylish but not so functional. The Baskit Utility Brief changes all of that. Baskit redesigned it from the bottom up; from the back to the front. But...

  • Baskit Wild Stripes Brief Low Rise Roomy Pouch Baskit Wild Stripes Brief Cotton Soft and Comfortable Baskit Wild Stripes Brief Snug Fit

    Baskit Wild Stripes Brief

    Comfortable unbleached cotton. Wild striped pattern. Bold blue trim. When you're feeling a little wild, we highly recommend sporting a pair of Wild Stripes Briefs by Baskit under your gear. If you get the urge to strip down, you'll have a bold look to...

  • Baskit X Brief Baskit X Brief  X Marks the Spot Baskit X Brief Great Fit Baskit X Brief Enhances Baskit X Brief Comfy

    Baskit X Brief

    Baskit has taken a classic brief and given it a new purpose. X marks the spot where your best assets are front and center. Leading you on your journey forward in life. Plenty of comfort, style and support. That's the X Collection brief. 90% Micro...

  • Baskit X JockBrief  Sexy Baskit X JockBrief  Contrast Trim Baskit X JockBrief Vibrant Baskit X JockBrief  Provocative Baskit X JockBrief Cool

    Baskit X JockBrief

    Baskit brought you the original jockbrief and now, they're improving on it with the innovative support and comfort of the X Collection. You're on your own journey, and bold enough to sport a jockbrief, and X marks the spot for wherever your travels take...

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